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As posted under a different topic I'll add it here, too, for this seems the right place:


- I don't like the new layout (The one share-tube.eu used to use). It'd improve my experience greatly if you could add an option to use the old interface, eg. https://savemedia.com/share-tube

- I want to have the option to crop the audio/video before downloading

- I want to see not-faulty Privacy policy (Honestly? How do you expect to be seen as anything other than a fraud when your privacy policy states the exact same text twice under completely unrelated topics? https://savemedia.com/en/privacy - FIX IT ! ! !)

- I always wanted to be able to include subtitles in the downloaded videos (if they're available).

- I do not want to see advertising for your own products in the size you do. Make it less intrusive and I might consider getting a second glance at it (or even consider downloading it) instead of instantly discarding it as I do now.

- "To personalize your experience (your information helps us to better respond to your individual needs)" - The only way at least I want you to personalize my experience is what I said above and that you stop trying to personalize my experience. Stop collecting unnecessary data!